U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1427.10 - Approved storage.

(a) Eligible cotton may be pledged as collateral for loans only if stored at warehouses approved by CCC, unless the producer agrees to provisions of 1427.5(n).

(1) Persons desiring approval of their facilities should contact the Kansas City Commodity Office Beacon Facility-Mail Stop 8748, P.O. Box 419205, Kansas City, Missouri 64141-6205.

(2) The names of approved warehouses may be obtained from the Kansas City Commodity Office or from FSA State or county offices.

(b) When the operator of a warehouse receives notice from CCC that a loan has been made on a bale of cotton, the operator will, if such cotton is not stored within the warehouse, as directed by CCC place such cotton within such warehouse.

(c) An approved cotton storage warehouse may temporarily store cotton pledged as collateral for a CCC loan outside, subject to the following conditions:

(1) The warehouse submits a request for approval of outside storage in a format prescribed by CCC.

(2) The warehouse is located in a storage deficit area as determined by CCC.

(3) The warehouse complies with all outside storage requirements established by CCC including but not limited to the duration of such outside storage as granted by CCC for the individual application, all-risk insurance for the loan value of the cotton with CCC as loss payee, and use of additional protective coverings and materials that elevate the entire bottom surface of the bale to protect such cotton from damage by water or airborne contaminants.

(4) The electronic warehouse receipt for any bale or bales of cotton pledged as collateral for a CCC loan must include the dates that the bale was initially stored outside, and the date that outside storage stopped.

(5) The warehouse operator provides CCC:

(i) A weekly report in a format prescribed by CCC identifying individual bales of cotton pledged as collateral for a CCC loan that are stored outside, and

(ii) Through their electronic warehouse receipt provider, on a current basis, location indicators and effective dates for any loan bale stored outside.

(d) Warehouse charges paid by a producer will not be refunded by CCC.

(e) The approved storage requirements provided in this section may be waived by CCC if the producer requests an LDP pursuant to the LDP provisions in § 1427.23.

(f) With respect to crops of ELS cotton, a producer may obtain a loan on cotton that is not stored as otherwise provided in this section if such cotton is stored:

(1) At a commercial entity that is involved in the handling or storage of cotton in a county or area determined and announced by CCC as approved for outside storage of ELS loan collateral; and

(2) The site is constructed in a manner to prevent the accumulation of water under such cotton.

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