U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1427.21 - Settlement.

(a) The settlement of cotton loans will be made by CCC on the basis of the quality and quantity of the cotton delivered to CCC by the producer or acquired by CCC subject to the producer being responsible for, if applicable, warehouse receiving charges, new bale ties, unpaid warehouse compression, charges for and related to the certification of a bale and for any subsequent exchange of certificated receipts, storage charges for any period of yard storage, and storage charges in excess of any maximum storage credit rates as determined and announced by CCC.

(b) For purposes of settlements for cotton delivered to CCC in satisfaction of a loan obligation, CCC may elect to calculate such settlement values based on the net weight, condition, and classification as reflected on the warehouse receipt delivered to CCC, whether such receipt is the receipt issued by the original storing warehouse and presented for calculating the loan amount or a receipt issued by a subsequent warehouse due to the transfer of such bale while pledged as collateral for a CCC loan.

(c) If a producer does not pay CCC the amount due under a loan, CCC will take title to the cotton as provided in § 1427.7(b).

(d) With respect to ELS cotton which is stored as provided in § 1427.10(f), settlement of loans will be made based upon the determination of the quantity and quality made by CCC at the time of acceptance of the cotton by CCC at the warehouse designated by CCC as provided in § 1427.18(k).

(e) If CCC sells the commodity described in paragraph (a) of this section in settlement of the recourse loan, the sales proceeds will be applied to the amount owed CCC by the producer. The producer is responsible for any costs incurred by CCC in completing the sale and CCC will deduct the amount of these costs from the sales proceeds. When CCC sells any cotton obtained by forfeiture under a MAL, CCC will, in all instances, retain all proceeds obtained from the sale of the cotton and will not make any payment of any amount of such proceeds to any party, including the producer who had satisfied their obligation under the loan through forfeiture of the cotton to CCC.

(f) CCC will pay to the warehouse any unpaid storage or receiving charges for forfeited loan collateral, not to exceed the amount that accrued from the date that all necessary documents were received by CCC to the loan maturity date, as soon as practicable after the cotton is forfeited.

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