U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1427.22 - Commodity certificate exchanges.

(a) For any outstanding marketing assistance loan provided for upland cotton, a producer may purchase a commodity certificate and exchange that commodity certificate for the marketing assistance loan collateral.

(b) The exchange rate is the lesser of:

(1) The loan rate and charges, plus interest applicable to the loan; or

(2) The adjusted world price for upland cotton as determined by CCC.

(c) Producers must request a commodity certificate exchange on or before loan maturity in person at the FSA county office by:

(1) Completing a written request on the form or providing the information as required by CCC:

(2) Purchasing a commodity certificate for the exact amount required to exchange the marketing assistance loan collateral; and

(3) Immediately exchanging the purchased commodity certificate for the outstanding loan collateral.

(d) Gains realized from a commodity certificate exchange are not subject to AGI or payment limitation provisions specified in part 1400 of this chapter.

[86 FR 70706, Dec. 13, 2021]