U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1427.23 - Cotton LDPs.

(a) In order to be eligible to receive such LDPs the producer of the upland cotton must:

(1) Comply with all of the upland cotton MAL eligibility requirements under this subpart;

(2) Agree to forgo obtaining such loans unless denied an LDP due to payment limitation;

(3) Submit, on a form prescribed by CCC, to the FSA county office on or before beneficial interest is lost in such quantity and before the final loan availability date for the commodity:

(i) An indication of their intentions to receive an LDP on the identified commodity or

(ii) A completed request for an LDP for a quantity of eligible cotton under § 1427.5(a).

(4) Provide warehouse receipts or, as determined by CCC, a list of gin bale numbers for such cotton showing, for each bale, the net weight established at the gin;

(5) For LDPs requested before ginning of the cotton based on a locked-in adjusted world price, provide identifying numbers for modules or other storage units that will correspond to the gin-assigned numbers of the bales produced from the unginned cotton; and

(6) Otherwise comply with all program requirements.

(b) The LDP applicable to a crop of cotton will be computed by multiplying the applicable LDP rate, as determined under paragraph (c) of this section, by the quantity of the crop the producer is eligible to pledge as collateral for a loan, excluding any quantity for which the producer obtains a MAL.

(c) The LDP rate for a crop of upland cotton will be the amount by which the loan rate determined for a bale of such crop exceeds the adjusted world price, as determined by CCC under § 1427.25, in effect on the day the request is received by the FSA county office, loan servicing agent, or cotton commercial bank. In no case will the LDP rate for a bale exceed the value of the bale had it been pledged as collateral for a MAL.

(d) The total amount of any LDPs that a person may receive is subject to AGI provisions specified in part 1400 of this chapter.

(e) If the producer enters into an agreement with CCC on or before the date of ginning a quantity of eligible upland cotton, and the producer has the beneficial interest in such quantity as specified under § 1427.5(c) on the date the cotton was ginned, and the producer meets all the other requirements in paragraph (a) of this section on or before the final date to apply for an LDP under § 1427.5, the LDP rate applicable to such cotton will be:

(1) Based on the date the cotton was ginned, which CCC will consider to be the date of the LDP request, if payment application is made in the manner prescribed by CCC for obtaining such rate;

(2) Based on the date of request for lock-in of the adjusted world price if payment application is made in the manner prescribed by CCC for obtaining such rate; or

(3) Based on the date a completed request including production evidence is submitted in the manner prescribed by CCC for obtaining such rate.

(f) In the event that Thursday is a non-workday, such applications for loan deficiency payments will not be accepted beginning at 7 a.m. Eastern time the next workday until an announcement of the adjusted world price for the succeeding weekly period has been made under § 1427.25(e).

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