U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 23, 2024

§ 1427.9 - Classification of cotton.

(a) All cotton tendered for loan and LDP must be classed by an Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Cotton Classing Office or other entity approved by AMS.

(b) An AMS cotton classification must be based upon a representative sample drawn from the bale by samplers under AMS procedures and instructions.

(c) If the producer's cotton has not been classed or sampled in a manner acceptable by CCC, the warehouse must sample such cotton and forward the samples to the AMS Cotton Classing Office or other entity approved by AMS. Such warehouse must be licensed by AMS or be approved by CCC to draw samples for submission to the AMS Cotton Classing Office.

(d) If a sample has been submitted for classification, another sample will not be drawn, except for a review classification.

(e) Where review classification is not involved:

(1) If through error or otherwise two or more samples from the same bale are submitted for classification, the loan rate will be based on the classification having the lower loan value;

(2) CCC will use classification information received directly from AMS rather than AMS classification information received from the producer.

(f) CCC will base any cotton loan rate or loan deficiency payment rate on the most recent classification information available before the loan or loan deficiency payment has been calculated. CCC will not adjust such rates based on review classification information submitted subsequent to the original benefit calculation.

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