U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1427.1086 - Approval of warehouse, requests for reconsideration.

(a) CCC will approve a warehouse if it determines that the warehouse meets the standards set forth in this subpart. CCC will send a notice of approval to the warehouseman. Approval under this subpart, however, does not relieve the warehouseman of the responsibility for performing the warehouseman's obligations under any agreement with CCC or any other agency of the United States.

(b) Except as otherwise provided in this subpart:

(1) CCC will not approve the warehouse if CCC determines that the warehouse does not meet the standards set forth in this subpart, and

(2) CCC will send any notice of rejection of approval to the warehouseman. This notice will state the cause(s) for such action. Unless the warehouseman or any officials or supervisory employees of the warehouseman are suspended or debarred, CCC will approve the warehouse if the warehouseman establishes that the causes for CCC's rejection of approval have been remedied.

(c) If rejection of approval by CCC is due to the warehouseman's failure to meet the standards set forth:

(1) In § 1427.1082, other than the standard specified in § 1427.1082(c)(2), the warehouseman may, at any time after receiving notice of such action, request reconsideration of the action and present to the Director, KCCO, in writing, information in support of such request. The Director will consider such information in making a determination and notify the warehouseman in writing of such determination. The warehouseman may, if dissatisfied with the Director's determination, obtain a review of the determination and an informal hearing by filing an appeal with the Deputy Administrator, Commodity Operations, Farm Service Agency (FSA). The time of filing appeals, forms for requesting an appeal, nature of the informal hearing, determination and reopening of the hearing will be as prescribed in the FSA regulations governing appeals, 7 CFR part 780. When appealing under such regulations, the warehouseman will be considered as a “participant”; and

(2) In § 1427.1082(c)(2), the warehouseman's administrative appeal rights with respect to suspension and debarment shall be in accordance with applicable CCC regulations. After expiration of a period of suspension or debarment, a warehouseman may, at any time, apply for approval under this subpart.

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