U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 04, 2022

§ 1427.1200 - Applicability.

(a) This subpart specifies the terms and conditions under which CCC will make payments to eligible domestic users and exporters of extra long staple cotton who have entered into an ELS Cotton Domestic User/Exporter Agreement with CCC.

(b) CCC will issue payments to domestic users and exporters in any week following a consecutive 4-week period in which:

(1) The LFQ is less than the USPFE; and

(2) Adjusted LFQ is less than 113 percent of the current crop year loan level for the base quality U.S. Pima cotton.

(c) CCC will prescribe the forms and information collections necessary in administering the ELS cotton competitiveness payment program. Additional terms and conditions for the program are specified in the ELS Cotton Domestic User/Exporter Agreement.

[70 FR 67343, Nov. 7, 2005, as amended at 80 FR 138, Jan. 2, 2015; 86 FR 70707, Dec. 13, 2021]