U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 05, 2022

§ 1427.1203 - Eligible ELS cotton.

(a) For the purposes of this subpart, eligible ELS cotton is domestically produced baled ELS cotton that is:

(1) Opened by an eligible domestic user on or after February 7, 2014, or

(2) Exported by an eligible exporter on or after February 7, 2014, during a Friday through Thursday period in which a payment rate determined under § 1427.1207 is in effect, and that meets the requirements of paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section;

(b) Eligible ELS cotton must be either:

(1) Baled lint, including baled lint classified by USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service as Below Grade; or

(2) Loose.

(c) Eligible ELS cotton must not be:

(1) ELS for which a payment, under the provisions of this subpart, has been made available;

(2) Imported ELS cotton;

(3) Raw, unprocessed motes;

(4) Textile mill wastes; or

(5) Semi-processed or re-ginned, processed motes.

[70 FR 67343, Nov. 7, 2005, as amended at 73 FR 65724, Nov. 5, 2008; 80 FR 138, Jan. 2, 2015]