U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 04, 2023

§ 1430.209 - Proof of market loss production.

(a) A dairy operation entering into a MILC must, based on instructions issued by the Deputy Administrator, provide adequate proof of the dairy operation's eligible production during the months of each fiscal year designated in the MILC. The dairy operation must also provide proof that the eligible production was commercially marketed during the months beginning October 1, 2007, and ending September 30, 2012. Evidence of milk production claimed for payment shall be provided to CCC with supporting documentation under paragraph (b) of this section. All information provided is subject to verification, spot check and audit by FSA. Further verification information may be obtained from the dairy operation's milk handler or marketing cooperative if deemed necessary by CCC to verify provided information. Refusal to allow a representative of CCC or any other agency of the Department of Agriculture to verify any information provided will result in a determination of ineligibility for benefits under this subpart.

(b) Eligible dairy operations marketing milk during the period specified in the MILC shall provide any available supporting documents from all producers in the dairy operation to assist CCC in verifying that the dairy operation produced and marketed milk commercially from the designated starting month and thereafter. Examples of supporting documentation include, but are not limited to: milk marketing payment stubs, tank records, milk handler records, daily milk marketings, copies of any payments received as compensation from other sources, or any other documents available to confirm the production and production history of the dairy operation. Producers may also be required to allow CCC to examine the herd of cattle as production evidence. If supporting documentation requested is not presented to CCC or FSA, the request for MILC benefits will be disapproved.

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