U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 05, 2023

§ 1430.303 - DPDP purchases.

(a) DPDP purchases will be made only for those months that the FSA Administrator has determined meet all the requirements specified in § 1430.302. The purchases are subject to DPDP requirements including price and quantity restrictions specified in this subpart.

(b) The Secretary has the authority to determine purchase and distribution methods for dairy product purchases and distribution. Unless otherwise determined by the Secretary, this authority is delegated to the Deputy Administrator in consultation with FNS.

(c) FSA and FNS will determine the types and quantities of products that will be purchased, in consultation with public or private nonprofit organizations and State and local agencies eligible to receive such products.

(d) The FSA Administrator will determine the quantity of purchases to be made for a qualifying month and will consider the results of any consultations in determining the quantity to be purchased. In making the determination, the FSA Administrator will also take into account a number of factors, including, but not limited to, dairy product market conditions, logistical considerations involved in the efficient and immediate distribution of the dairy products, the potential effect on markets and margins, time constraints of DPDP, and the cost effectiveness of the purchases. Approved quantities for a month will not exceed the amount of product that may be effectively distributed without waste.

(e) Purchases may be approved for a qualifying month to the extent that the purchase by FSA can reasonably be expected to be completed in that calendar month and the products delivered to recipient agencies within 90 days.

(f) DPDP purchases cannot be stored by or for CCC, and CCC cannot incur storage costs on behalf of recipient agencies for the dairy products.

(g) The purchase price of products will be the prevailing market price for like dairy products for private buyers as determined by the Deputy Administrator. That price may be, if approved by the Deputy Administrator, the price determined by the normal procurement methods used to procure foods for FNS domestic food assistance programs, if the dairy products are obtained that way.