U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 04, 2022

§ 1430.304 - Distribution of DPDP purchased products.

(a) Purchased products will be distributed to private and public nonprofit organizations eligible to receive donated foods for distribution to low-income groups through FNS' food distribution programs as specified in FNS program regulations and the requirements in 7 CFR part 250.

(b) Public and private nonprofit organizations receiving donated dairy products under this section will be responsible for the proper handling and distribution of such products in accordance with FNS program regulations, 7 CFR part 250, and FNS guidance and instructions.

(c) A private or nonprofit organization agency receiving donated products under this section which improperly distributes or uses such product or causes loss of or damage to such product, will be subject to recovery of losses or other corrective action in accordance with FNS program regulations, 7 CFR part 250.