U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1434.10 - Application, availability, disbursement, and maturity.

(a) A producer must, unless otherwise authorized by CCC, request MALs and LDPs at the appropriate FSA county office responsible for administering the program as provided under part 718 of this title. To receive MALs and LDPs for honey, a producer must execute a note and security agreement or LDP application on or before March 31 of the year following the year in which the honey was extracted.

(b) A producer must request a loan at the county office of the county where the honey is stored if the honey is stored at the producer's farm. A producer who requests a loan on honey stored in eligible storage other than the producer's farm, may request loans at either the county office of the county where the storage facility is located or at the county office of the county where the producer's main place of business is located. A CMA must request loans at the county office for the county in which the principal office of the CMA is located unless the State committee designates another county office. If the CMA has operations in two or more States, the CMA must file its loan applications at the county office for the county in which its principal office for each State is located.

(c) MALs will be made on the honey as declared and certified by the producer in the manner specified by CCC at the time the honey is pledged as collateral for a MAL. The producer is also required to declare and certify the class of honey (table or non-table) and floral source of the honey in the manner specified by CCC when the honey is pledged as collateral for a MAL.

(d) The request for a loan will not be approved until all producers having an interest in the honey sign the note and security agreement and CCC approves such note and security agreement. The disbursement of loans will be made by county offices on behalf of CCC, for honey that:

(1) Has been extracted;

(2) Is in eligible storage; and

(3) Has not been blended or mixed with ineligible honey.

(e) MALs mature on demand, but not later than the last day of the ninth calendar month following the month in which the note and security agreement was approved.

(1) When the maturity date falls on a non-workday for county offices, CCC will extend the final date to the next workday. Before the date specified in paragraph (a) of this section, a producer may re-offer as MAL collateral any eligible honey that has been offered previously for a MAL if the previous MAL has been repaid at principal plus interest only.

(2) The maturity date of any MAL may not be extended.

(f) If, after a loan is made, CCC determines that the producer or the honey collateral is not in compliance with any of the provisions of this part, the producer must refund the total amount disbursed under loan and charges plus interest, including late payment interest as provided in part 1403 of this title.

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