U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1434.21 - Loan deficiency payments.

(a) LDPs will be available for honey.

(b) In order to be eligible to receive LDP for a crop of honey, the producer must:

(1) Comply with all of the program requirements to be eligible to obtain loan in accordance with this part;

(2) Agree to forego obtaining such loans;

(3) Submitted a request for a honey LDP on the form as CCC prescribes.

(4) Comply with §§ 1434.7 and 1434.8 or provide evidence of production as determined by CCC for such quantity; and

(5) Otherwise comply with all program requirements.

(c) The LDP rate for a crop will be the amount by which the MAL rate exceeds the rate at which CCC has announced that producers may repay their MAL as specified in § 1434.18.

(d) The LDP applicable to a crop of honey will be computed by multiplying the LDP rate, as determined as specified in paragraph (c) of this section, by the quantity of honey the producer is eligible to pledge as collateral for a price support MAL for which an LDP is requested.

(e) Notwithstanding any provisions in this section, LDPs may be based on 100 percent of the net quantity specified on acceptable evidence of disposition of the honey certified as eligible for an LDP if CCC determines that such quantity represented the quantity for the number of containers of honey initially certified for the LDP when the payment was made.

(f) When applying for an individual LDP, each producer agrees:

(1) The producer will provide correct, accurate, and truthful certifications and representations of the loan quantity and all other matters of fact and interest when submitting a request for a honey LDP; and

(2) That violation of the terms and conditions of this part will cause harm or damage to CCC in that funds may be disbursed to the producer for a LDP quantity that is not actually in existence or for a quantity for which the producer is not eligible.

(g) For the purposes of this section, violations include any failure to comply with this part or the loan agreement, including but not limited to any incorrect certification.

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