U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1437.2 - Administration.

(a) NAP is administered under the general supervision of the Administrator, Farm Service Agency (FSA) (who also serves as the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Executive Vice President), and the Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs, FSA, (referred to as “Deputy Administrator” in this part). NAP is carried out by FSA State and county committees (State and county committees) with instructions issued by the Deputy Administrator.

(b) State and county committees, and representatives and their employees, do not have authority to modify or waive any of the provisions of the regulations in this part, NAP's basic provisions, or instructions issued by the Deputy Administrator.

(c) The State committee will take any action required by the regulations in this part that the county committee has not taken. The State committee will also:

(1) Correct, or require a county committee to correct, any action taken by such county committee that is not in accordance with the regulations in this part; or

(2) Require a county committee to withhold taking any action that is not in accordance with this part.

(d) No delegation to a State or county committee precludes the FSA Administrator, the Deputy Administrator, or a designee, from determining any question arising under NAP or from reversing or modifying any determination made by a State or county committee.

(e) The Deputy Administrator has the authority to permit State and county committees to waive or modify deadlines (except deadlines specified in a law) and other requirements or program provisions not specified in law, in cases where lateness or failure to meet such other requirements or program provisions do not adversely affect operation of NAP.

(1) Producers and participants have no right to a decision in response to a request to waive or modify deadlines or program provisions. The Deputy Administrator's refusal to consider such a request or a decision not to exercise this discretionary authority under this section is not an adverse decision and is not appealable.

(2) FSA's decision not to consider a case under this section is not a failure to act under any law or regulation because participants have no right to a decision on a request for waiver or modification.

(f) Items including, but not limited to, application periods, application deadlines, basic provisions, internal operating guidelines issued to FSA State and county offices, coverage periods, fees, prices, yields, and payment factors established for NAP in accordance with this part that are used for similarly situated participants and eligible crops are not to be construed to be individual program eligibility determinations or extent of eligibility determinations and are, therefore, not subject to administrative review.

(g) Where there is any conflict between the basic provisions and the regulations, the regulations apply except when the Deputy Administrator determines that because of the timing of issuance of the regulations, the basic provisions applicable to the specific crop year or coverage period that may be less restrictive will apply.

[79 FR 74571, Dec. 15, 2014]