U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Apr 02, 2023

§ 1437.307 - Mushrooms.

(a) Eligible mushrooms is a value loss crop and is only compensable in accord with the restrictions of this section. To be eligible, the mushrooms must be grown as a commercial crop in a facility with a controlled environment utilizing good mushroom growing practices. The facility must be located on private property either owned or leased by the producer.

(b) The controlled environment for eligible mushrooms must include primary and backup systems for:

(1) Temperature and humidity controls;

(2) Proper and adequate lighting; and

(3) Positive air pressurization and filtration.

(c) The growing medium must consist of a substrate (a habitat and nutrient base) sterilized by heat treatment.

(d) Good mushroom growing practices must be used, and they consist of proper and adequate insect and disease control and the maintenance of a sterile environment. Maintaining a sterile environment includes at a minimum:

(1) Adequate hygiene;

(2) Overall cleanliness;

(3) Isolation or minimum contact procedures;

(4) Use of footpaths; and

(5) Availability and frequent utilization of wash-down facilities.

(e) In the crop year in which a notice of loss is filed, producers may be required, at the discretion of FSA, to provide evidence the mushrooms are maintained in accordance with this section.

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