U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 27, 2023

§ 1437.308 - Ginseng.

(a) Ginseng is a value loss crop and is compensable only as allowed in this section. Ginseng is eligible only if:

(1) The ginseng includes stratified seeds for use as propagation stock in a commercial ginseng operation or rootlet for commercial sale that are grown in a controlled, cultivatable environment on private property either owned or leased by the producer; and

(2) The ginseng is grown using good ginseng growing practices with all plant needs supplied and under control of the producer;

(b) Ginseng will not be eligible to generate benefits under this part if it:

(1) Is indigenous to the facility;

(2) Is grown solely for medicinal purposes; and

(3) Includes wild ginseng rootlet that is harvested and transplanted from woodland grown ginseng.

(c) Good ginseng growing practices must be followed, and include, but are not limited to:

(1) Adequate drainage;

(2) Proper and adequate shade;

(3) Accurate pH level;

(4) Adequate and timely fertilization, including an adequate supply to ensure nutrient reserves to the ginseng plants and customary application equipment;

(5) Adequate pest control, including but not limited to, weed, rodent, and wildlife control; and

(6) Disease control.

(d) Ginseng producers must:

(1) Provide a report of inventory of all ginseng, as determined by FSA;

(2) Provide production and sales records necessary to determine the value of eligible ginseng;

(3) Allow an FSA-certified loss adjustor to verify loss, including physically removing representative samples;

(4) Maintain and provide, as determined by FSA, adequate records of fertilization, and pest and disease controls used or put into place during the crop year; and

(5) Possess a valid food processing license issued by the applicable State Department of Agriculture or equivalent and subject to food regulations administered by the Food and Drug Administration.

(e) In the crop year in which a notice of loss is filed, producers may be required, at the discretion of FSA, to provide evidence the ginseng was produced in accordance with this section.

[67 FR 12448, Mar. 19, 2002, as amended at 79 FR 74582,74583, Dec. 15, 2014]