U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 22, 2023

§ 1464.32 - Modifications and transfers of land.

(a) Modifications. NRCS may modify a program contract, if:

(1) The parties agree to the modification, and

(2) NRCS determines the modified program contract continues to meet the purposes of the program.

(b) Notice of loss of effective control. NRCS may terminate an entire program contract if, within the time specified in the program contract, the participant does not provide NRCS with written notice regarding any voluntary or involuntary loss of effective control of any acreage under the program contract, which includes changes in the participant's ownership structure or corporate form.

(c) Approval of transfer. NRCS may approve a transfer of a program contract if:

(1) NRCS has documented notice from the current participant that identifies the new producer who will take control of the acreage, as required in paragraph (e) of this section;

(2) The current participant transfers rights and responsibilities to the new producer;

(3) The new producer meets program eligibility requirements within a reasonable time frame, as determined by NRCS, and agrees to assume the rights and responsibilities from the current participant for the acreage under the program contract; and

(4) NRCS determines that the purposes of the program will continue to be met despite the current participant's losing effective control of all or a portion of the land under contract.

(d) Payment status. (1) Until NRCS approves the transfer of program contract rights, the transferee is not a participant in the program and may not receive payment for eligible activities implemented prior to NRCS approval of the program contract transfer.

(2) For program contract payment purposes, NRCS will consider the transferor to be the participant to whom payments may be made for eligible activities implemented when NRCS approval of the program contract transfer is pending.

(e) Right to terminate. NRCS may not approve a program contract transfer and may terminate the program contract in its entirety if NRCS determines that the loss of effective control of the land was voluntary, the participant's written notification of loss of effective control was not provided to NRCS within the specified timeframe, the new producer is not eligible or willing to assume responsibilities under the contract, or the purposes of the program cannot be met.

(f) Run with the land. Once an easement deed has been acquired, an easement will run with the land and bind all successors and assigns. Subordination, modification, exchange, or termination of an easement acquired under this part will be consistent with the policies and procedures under 7 CFR part 1468.

(g) Reestablishment. In the event an eligible activity fails through no fault of the participant, NRCS may issue payments to reestablish the eligible activity, subject to such limitations that NRCS may establish.