U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 03, 2022

§ 1464.33 - Violations and remedies.

(a) Reasonable notice. In the event of a violation of the program contract terms, NRCS will provide the participant written notice as specified in the program contract, and, where appropriate, a reasonable opportunity to voluntarily correct the violation in accordance with the terms of the program contract.

(b) Voluntary correction. If the participant fails to correct the violation of a term of the program contract in the timeframe specified by NRCS, NRCS may terminate the program contract or require modification as a condition to keep the program contract in effect.

(c) Refund and right to future assistance. If NRCS terminates a program contract due to a violation of its terms or conditions, the participant will forfeit any right to future assistance under the program contract and will refund all or part of any payments received by the participant, plus interest.

(d) Liquidated damages. (1) NRCS may include terms in a program contract that allow for the assessment of liquidated damages in the event of a violation.

(2) The amount of any liquidated damages will be set at an amount reasonably calculated to reimburse NRCS for its foreseeable losses in the event of a violation by the participant and will not be punitive in nature.

(3) NRCS will enforce a liquidated damage provision if the Chief determines doing so is in the best interests of RCPP.

(e) Hardships. (1) NRCS may allow a participant in a program contract terminated in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) of this section to retain a portion of any payments received appropriate to the effort the participant has made to comply with the program contract, or in cases of hardship, where NRCS determines that forces beyond the participant's control prevented compliance with the program contract.

(2) The condition that is the basis for the participant's inability to comply with the program contract must not have existed at the time the program contract was executed by the participant.

(3) If a participant believes that such a hardship condition exists, the participant may submit a written request to NRCS for relief pursuant to this paragraph and any such request will contain documentation sufficient for NRCS to determine that this hardship condition exists.

(f) Death, incompetency, disappearance. In the case of death, incompetency, or disappearance of any participant, NRCS may, as identified in the program contract, terminate the contract, make any payments due under this part pursuant to guidance under applicable provisions of parts 707 and 1400 of this title (including payment to successor(s)), or take any further action that the Chief determines is fair and reasonable in light of all of the circumstances.

(g) Administrative errors. NRCS reserves the right to correct any and all errors in entering data or the results of computations in a program contract. If a participant does not agree to such corrections, NRCS will terminate the program contract.