U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1468.23 - ALE-agreements.

(a) NRCS will enter into an ALE-agreement with a selected eligible entity that stipulates the terms and conditions under which the eligible entity is permitted to use ACEP–ALE funding and will incorporate all ACEP–ALE requirements. NRCS will make available to eligible entities the ALE-agreement terms and conditions, including any applicable templates, based on enrollment type. The ALE-agreement will address—

(1) The interests in land to be acquired, including the United States' right of enforcement, the deed requirements specified in this part, as well as the other terms and conditions of the easement deed;

(2) The management and enforcement of the rights on lands acquired with ACEP–ALE funds;

(3) The responsibilities of NRCS;

(4) The responsibilities of the eligible entity on easements acquired with ACEP–ALE funds;

(5) The requirement for any conservation plan for highly erodible cropland or agricultural land easement plans to be developed as required or agreed-to prior to execution of the easement deed and payment of easement compensation to the landowner;

(6) As applicable, the allowance of eligible parcel substitution upon mutual agreement of the parties;

(7) The certification by the landowner at the time of easement execution and payment of easement compensation of the extent of any charitable contribution or other donation the landowner has provided to the eligible entity;

(8) The submission of documentation of procured costs for each parcel, including appraisal, boundary survey, phase-I environmental site assessment, title commitment or report, title insurance, and closing cost if such procured costs are to be considered as part of the eligible entity's non-Federal share; and

(9) Other requirements deemed necessary by NRCS to meet the purposes of this part or protect the interests of the United States.

(10) For buy-protect-sell transactions, the ALE-agreement will also include the requirements identified in § 1468.27.

(b) The term of standard ALE-agreements, except as described in § 1468.27 for ALE-agreements for approved buy-protect-sell transactions, will be:

(1) A minimum of 5 fiscal years and not to exceed 7 fiscal years following the fiscal year the agreement is signed for certified entities; and

(2) At least 3 fiscal years and not to exceed 5 fiscal years following the fiscal year the agreement is signed for other eligible entities.

(c) Eligible parcels selected for funding by NRCS will be identified on an attachment to the ALE-agreement. The attachment will include landowners' names, acreage of the easement area, the estimated fair market value, the estimated Federal contribution, and other relevant information.

(d) The ALE-agreement will require the eligible entity to comply with applicable registration and reporting requirements of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (Pub. L. 109–282, as amended) and 2 CFR parts 25 and 170.

(e) With NRCS approval, the eligible entity may substitute acres within a pending easement offer. Substituted acres must not reduce the easements capability in meeting program purposes.

(f) With NRCS approval, an eligible entity may substitute pending easement offers within a standard ALE-agreement. The substituted landowner and easement offer must meet eligibility criteria as described in § 1468.20. NRCS may require re-ranking of substituted acres within an easement offer and substituted easement offers within an ALE-agreement. Substitutions are not authorized under ALE-agreements for buy-protect-sell transactions.

[85 FR 571, Jan. 6, 2020, as amended at 86 FR 8130, Feb. 4, 2021]