U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Apr 02, 2023

§ 1484.82 - Noncompliance with an agreement.

(a) If a Cooperator fails to comply with any term in its agreement, approval letter, or this part, CCC may take one or more of the enforcement actions in 2 CFR part 200 and, if appropriate, initiate a claim against the Cooperator, following the procedures set forth in this part. CCC may also initiate a claim against a Cooperator if program income or CCC-provided funds are lost due to an action or omission of the Cooperator. If any Cooperator has engaged in fraud with respect to the Cooperator program, or has otherwise violated program requirements under this part, CCC may:

(1) Hold such Cooperator liable for any and all losses to CCC resulting from such fraud or violation;

(2) Require a refund of any assistance provided to such Cooperator plus interest as determined by FAS; and

(3) Collect liquidated damages from such Cooperator in an amount determined appropriate by FAS.

(b) The provisions of this section shall be without prejudice to any other remedy that is available under any other provision of law.