U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 04, 2022

§ 1486.400 - Cost share.

(a) The EMP is intended to complement, not supplant, the efforts of the U.S. private sector. Therefore, no private sector proposal will be considered without the element of cost share from the Recipient and/or U.S. partners.

(b) There is no minimum or maximum required amount of cost share. The degree of commitment to a proposed project, represented by the amount and type of private funding, is used as one factor in determining which proposals will be approved. The type of cost share is also not specified, though some contributions are ineligible (see § 1486.402). Cost share may be actual cash invested or professional time of staff assigned to the project. Proposals in which the private sector is willing to commit funds, rather than in-kind items such as staff resources, and those with higher amounts of cost share will be given priority consideration.

(c) Cost share is not required for proposals from Federal, state, or local government agencies. It is mandatory from all other eligible entities, even when they are party to a joint proposal with a government agency.

(d) Contributions from foreign (non-U.S.) organizations may not be counted toward the cost share requirement but may be included in the total cost of the project.

(e) An activity that is undertaken by an entity at the request of FAS may be exempted from the cost share requirement. This determination is made at the discretion of FAS.

(f) A Recipient's cost share requirement will be specified in the agreement and approval letter. If a Recipient fails to contribute the total specified in the agreement, the difference between the amount contributed and the total amount required must be repaid to CCC in U.S. dollars within six months after the end of the period of performance of the agreement. If a Recipient is reimbursed by CCC for less than the amount of funds approved in the agreement, then the final required cost share shall equal, on a percentage basis, the original ratio of cost share to the authorized EMP funding level.