U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 18, 2022

§ 1487.20 - Amendments.

(a) Participants may request to modify approved projects if circumstances change in such a way that they would likely affect the progress and ultimate success of a project. Such modification must be made through a written amendment to the agreement. All requests for project modifications must be made in writing to CCC and must include:

(1) A justification as to why changes to the project as originally designed are needed;

(2) An explanation of the necessary adjustments in approach or strategy; and

(3) A description of necessary changes in the project's time line(s) and/or budget (e.g., shifting of budgetary resources from one-line item to another in order to accommodate the changes).

(b) All requests for project modifications must be reviewed and approved by CCC. Upon approval, CCC will issue an amendment to the agreement, which must be signed by CCC and the Participant.