U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 18, 2022

§ 1487.8 - Reimbursements and advances.

(a) Reimbursement procedures. (1) Following the implementation of a project for which CCC has agreed to provide funding, a Participant may submit claims for reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred in implementing a TASC project, to the extent that CCC has agreed to pay such expenses. Any changes to approved activities must be approved in writing by CCC before any reimbursable expenses associated with the change can be incurred. A Participant will be reimbursed after CCC reviews the claim and determines that it is complete.

(2) CCC will make all payments to the Participants in U.S. dollars. FAS will initiate payment within 30 days after receipt of the billing, unless the billing is improper.

(3) Participants will be authorized to submit requests for reimbursements or advances at least monthly when electronic fund transfers (EFTs) are not used, and as frequently as desired when electronic transfers are used, in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (15 U.S.C. 1693-1693r).

(4) Participants may submit claims for reimbursement of the expenses incurred in implementing TASC projects, to the extent CCC has agreed to pay for such costs, limited initially to 85 percent of the total amount specified in the agreement. The Participant may be reimbursed for the remaining 15 percent of the funds only after the final performance report containing the information required by the agreement is submitted to and approved by FAS.

(5) Final claims for reimbursement must be received no later than 90 calendar days after the completion date of the project or following the expiration or termination date of the agreement, whichever is sooner, and are subject to FAS approval of the Participant's final performance report. Participants are required to use a prescribed system to submit their claims. This system will be clearly stated in the NOFO. Currently the CCC's internet-based UES system is being used to request reimbursement for eligible TASC program expenses.

(6) Participants shall maintain complete records of all program expenditures, identified by TASC agreement number, program year, country or region, activity number, and cost category. Such records shall be accompanied by documentation that supports the expenditure and shall be made available to CCC upon request. CCC may deny a claim for reimbursement if the claim is not supported by acceptable documentation.

(7) In the event that a reimbursement claim is overpaid or is disallowed after payment already has been made, the Participant shall repay CCC within 30 calendar days of such overpayment or disallowance the amount overpaid or disallowed either by submitting a check payable to CCC and referencing the applicable project, or by offsetting its next reimbursement claim. The Participant shall make such payment in U.S. dollars, unless otherwise approved in advance by CCC.

(8) The Participant shall report any actions that may have a bearing on the propriety of any claims for reimbursement in writing to the appropriate Attaché/Counselor and FAS Division Director.

(b) Advances - (1) Policy. In general, CCC operates the TASC program on a cost reimbursable basis.

(2) Exception. Upon request, CCC may make advance payments to a Participant against an approved project budget. Participants may request an advance of up to 85 percent of the funding approved in any given program year. Advances should be limited to the minimum amounts needed and requested as close as is administratively feasible to the actual time of disbursement by the Participant. Reimbursement claims will be used to offset advances. Participants shall deposit and maintain advances in insured, interest-bearing accounts, unless the exceptions in 2 CFR part 200 apply. Interest earned by the Participant on funds advanced by CCC is not program income. Up to $500 of interest earned per year may be retained by the Participant for administrative expenses. Any additional interest earned on Federal advance payments shall be remitted annually to the appropriate entity as required in 2 CFR part 200.

(3) Refunds due CCC. A Participant shall fully expend all advances on approved activities within 90 calendar days after the date of disbursement by CCC. By the end of 90 calendar days, the Participant must submit reimbursement claims to offset the advance and submit a check made payable to CCC for any unexpended balance. The Participant shall make such payment in U.S. dollars, unless otherwise approved in advance by CCC.