U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 31, 2023

§ 1489.27 - Ethical conduct.

(a) An ATP Participant shall conduct its business in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country in which an activity is carried out and in accordance with applicable U.S. Federal, State and local laws, and regulations. An ATP Participant shall conduct its business in the United States in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations. All ATP Participants must comply with the regulations in 2 CFR part 200 and this part.

(b) Except for a U.S. agricultural cooperative or a U.S. for-profit entity, neither an ATP Participant nor its affiliates shall make export sales of U.S. agricultural commodities and products covered under the terms of the applicable ATP agreement. Nor shall such entities charge a fee for facilitating an export sale. An ATP Participant may, however, collect check-off funds and membership fees that are required for membership in the ATP Participant. For the purposes of this paragraph, “affiliate” means any partnership, association, company, corporation, trust, or any other such party in which the Participant has an investment other than in a mutual fund.

(c) An ATP Participant shall not limit participation in its ATP activities to members of its organization. Participants shall ensure that their ATP-funded programs and activities are open to all otherwise qualified individuals and entities on an equal basis and without regard to any non-merit factors. The ATP Participant shall publicize its program and make participation possible for commercial entities throughout the relevant commodity sector or, in the case of SRTGs, throughout the corresponding region. This includes providing to such commercial entities, upon request, a copy of any document in its possession or control containing market information developed and produced under the terms of its ATP agreement. The Participant may charge a fee not to exceed the costs for assembling, duplicating and distributing the materials. This paragraph does not apply to any U.S. agricultural cooperative when implementing its own brand program.

(d) An ATP Participant shall select U.S. agricultural industry representatives to participate in generic ATP activities such as trade teams, sales teams, and trade fairs based on criteria that ensure participation on an equitable basis by a broad cross section of the U.S. industry. If requested by the CCC, an ATP Participant shall submit such selection criteria to the CCC for approval.

(e) All ATP Participants should endeavor to ensure fair and accurate fact-based advertising. Deceptive or misleading promotions may result in cancellation or termination of a Participant's ATP agreement and the recovery of CCC funds related to such promotions from the Participant.

(f) The ATP Participant must report any actions or circumstances that may have a bearing on the propriety of its ATP program to the appropriate Attaché/Counselor, and its U.S. office shall report such actions or circumstances in writing to the CCC.