U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 23, 2024

§ 1493.110 - Guarantee fees.

(a) Guarantee fee rates. Payment Guarantee fee rates charged may be one of the following two types:

(1) Those that are announced on the USDA Web site and are based upon the length of the payment terms provided for in the Firm Export Sales Contract, the degree of risk that CCC assumes, as determined by CCC, and any other factors which CCC determines appropriate for consideration.

(2) Those where Exporters are invited to submit a competitive bid for coverage. If CCC determines to offer coverage on a competitive fee bid basis, instructions for bidding, and minimum fee rates, if applicable, will be made available on the USDA Web site.

(b) Calculation of fee. The guarantee fee will be computed by multiplying the Guaranteed Value by the guarantee fee rate.

(c) Payment of fee. The Exporter shall remit, with his application, the full amount of the guarantee fee. Applications will not be accepted until the guarantee fee has been received by CCC. The Exporter's wire transfer or check for the guarantee fee shall be made payable to CCC and be submitted in the manner specified on the USDA Web site.

(d) Refunds of fee. Guarantee fees paid in connection with applications that are accepted by CCC will ordinarily not be refundable. Once CCC notifies an Exporter of acceptance of an application, the fee for that application will not be refunded unless the Director determines that such refund will be in the best interest of CCC, even if the Exporter withdraws the application prior to CCC's issuance of the Payment Guarantee. If CCC does not accept an application for a Payment Guarantee or accepts only part of the guarantee coverage requested, a full or pro rata refund of the fee will be made.