U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 23, 2024

§ 1493.40 - Information required for U.S. Financial Institution participation.

U.S. Financial Institutions must apply and be approved by CCC to be eligible to participate in the GSM-102 Program.

(a) Qualification requirements. To qualify for participation in the GSM-102 Program, a U.S. Financial Institution must submit the following information to CCC in the manner specified on the USDA Web site:

(1) Legal name and address of the applicant;

(2) Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) number;

(3) Employer Identification Number (EIN—also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number);

(4) Year-end audited financial statements for the applicant's most recent fiscal year;

(5) Breakdown of the applicant's ownership as follows:

(i) Ten largest individual shareholders and ownership percentages;

(ii) Percentage of government ownership, if any; and

(iii) Identity of the legal entity or person with ultimate control or decision making authority, if other than the majority shareholder.

(6) Organizational structure (independent, or a subsidiary, Affiliate, or branch of another financial institution);

(7) Documentation from the applicable United States Federal or State agency demonstrating that the applicant is either licensed or chartered to do business in the United States;

(8) Name of the agency that regulates the applicant and the name and telephone number of the primary contact for such regulator; and

(9) A statement that: “All certifications set forth in 7 CFR 1493.60 are hereby made in this application” which, when included in the application, will constitute a certification that the applicant is in compliance with all of the requirements set forth in § 1493.60. The applicant will be required to provide further explanation or documentation if not in compliance with these requirements or if the application does not include this statement.

(b) Qualification notification. CCC will notify applicants that have submitted information required by this section whether they have qualified to participate in the program or whether further information is required by CCC. Any applicant failing to qualify will be given an opportunity to provide additional information for consideration by the Director.

(c) Previous qualification. Any U.S. Financial Institution not participating in the GSM-102 program for two consecutive U.S. Government fiscal years must resubmit a qualification application containing the information specified in paragraph (a) of this section to CCC to participate in the GSM-102 program. If at any time the information required by paragraph (a) of this section changes, the U.S. Financial Institution must promptly contact CCC to update this information and certify that the remainder of the information previously provided pursuant to paragraph (a) has not changed.

(d) Ineligibility for program participation. A U.S. Financial Institution may be deemed ineligible to participate in the GSM-102 Program if such applicant cannot provide all of the information and certifications required by paragraph (a) of this section.