U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Apr 19, 2024

§ 1493.200 - General statement.

(a) Overview. The FGP of the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) was developed to expand U.S. agricultural commodity exports by making available payment guarantees to encourage U.S. private sector financing to establish or improve facilities or provide services or goods in emerging markets to improve handling, marketing, processing, storage, or distribution of imported agricultural commodities and products. Such guarantees will primarily promote the export of U.S. agricultural commodities. CCC will give priority to transactions that encourage privatization of the agricultural sector or that benefit private farms and cooperatives in emerging markets, and for which nongovernmental persons agree to assume a relatively larger share of costs. The payment guarantee issued under FGP is an agreement by CCC to pay the seller, or the U.S. financial institution that may take assignment of the payment guarantee, specified amounts of principal and interest in case of default by the foreign financial institution that issued the letter of credit for the sale covered by the payment guarantee. The program is targeted toward those countries that have sufficient financial strength so that foreign exchange will be available for scheduled payments. In providing this program, CCC seeks to expand and/or maintain market opportunities for U.S. agricultural exporters and producers and assist long-term market development for U.S. agricultural commodities.

(b) Program administration. The FGP is administered under the direction of the General Sales Manager and Vice President, CCC, pursuant to this subpart, subpart A of this part, any program announcements issued by CCC, and, as applicable, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits. From time to time, CCC may issue a notice to participants on the USDA Web site to remind participants of the requirements of the FGP or to clarify the program requirements contained in these regulations in a manner not inconsistent with this subpart and subpart A of this part. Program information, including available program amounts, eligible countries, and approved U.S. and foreign financial institutions, is available on the USDA Web site.