U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 04, 2022

§ 1493.470 - Evidence of export.

(a) Report of export. The exporter is required to provide CCC an evidence of export report for each shipment made under the payment guarantee. This report must include the following:

(1) Payment guarantee number;

(2) Date of export;

(3) Exporter's sale number;

(4) Exported value;

(5) Quantity;

(6) A full description of the commodity exported;

(7) Unit sales price received for the commodity exported and the basis (e.g., FOB, CFR, CIF). Where the unit sales price at export differs from the unit sales price indicated in the exporter's application for a payment guarantee, the exporter is also required to submit a statement explaining the reason for the difference;

(8) Description and value of discounts and allowances, if any;

(9) Number of the Agreement assigned by USDA under any other program if any portion of the export sale was also approved for participation in any of the following CCC or USDA export program: Export Enhancement Program, Dairy Export Incentive Program, Sunflowerseed Oil Assistance Program, or Cottonseed Oil Assistance Program; and

(10) The exporter's statement, “ALL SECTION 1493.480 CERTIFICATIONS ARE BEING MADE IN THIS EVIDENCE OF EXPORT” which, when included in the evidence of export by the exporter, will constitute a certification that it is in compliance with all the requirements set forth in § 1493.480.

(b) Time limit for submission of evidence of export. The exporter must provide a written report to the office specified in the Contacts P/R within 60 calendar days if the export was by rail or truck; or 30 calendar days if the export was by any other carrier. The time period for filing a report of export will commence upon each date of export of the commodity covered under a payment guarantee. If the evidence of export report is not received by CCC within the time period for filing, the payment guarantee will become null and void only if and only to the extent that failure to make timely filing resulted, or would be likely to result, in:

(1) Significant financial harm to CCC;

(2) The undermining of an essential regulatory purpose of the program;

(3) Obstruction of the fair administration of the program; or

(4) A threat to the integrity of the program. The time limit for submission of an evidence of export report may be extended if such extension is determined by the GSM to be in the best interests of CCC.

(c) Export sales reporting. Exporters may have a mandatory reporting responsibility under section 602 of the Agricultural Trade Act of 1978, as amended (7 U.S.C. 5712) for exports of wheat and wheat flour, feed grains, oilseeds, cotton, and other agricultural commodities and products thereof.