U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1493.480 - Certification requirements for the evidence of export.

By providing the statement contained in § 1493.470(a)(10), the exporter is certifying that the information provided in the evidence of export report is true and correct and, further, that all requirements set forth in this section have been or will be met. The exporter will be required to provide further explanation or documentation with regard to reports that do not include this statement. If the exporter breaches or violates these certifications with respect to a SCGP payment guarantee, CCC will have the right, notwithstanding any other rights provided under this subpart, to annul guarantee coverage for any commodities not yet exported and/or to proceed against the exporter. The exporter, in submitting the evidence of export and providing the statement set forth in § 1493.470(a)(10), certifies that:

(a) The agricultural commodity or product exported under the payment guarantee is a U.S. agricultural commodity as defined by § 1493.410(x).

(b) Agricultural commodities of the grade, quality and quantity called for in the exporter's sales contract with the importer have been exported to the country specified in the payment guarantee;

(c) There is an importer obligation as defined in § 1493.410(n) to cover the exported value of the commodity exported;

(d) There have not been and will not be any corrupt payments or extra sales services or other items extraneous to the transaction provided, financed, or guaranteed in connection with the transaction, and that the transaction complies with applicable United States law; and

(e) The information provided pursuant to § 1493.420 has not changed, the exporter still meets all of the qualification requirements of § 1493.420 and the exporter will immediately notify CCC if there is a change of circumstances which would cause it to fail to meet such requirements.

[61 FR 33831, July 1, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 24561, May 6, 1997]