U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 13, 2024

§ 1200.10 - Oral and written arguments.

(a) Oral argument before the judge. Oral argument before the judge shall be in the discretion of the judge. Such argument, when permitted, may be limited by the judge to any extent that the judge finds necessary for the expeditious disposition of the proceeding and shall be reduced to writing and made part of the transcript.

(b) Briefs, proposed findings, and conclusions. The judge shall announce at the hearing a reasonable period of time within which interested persons may file with the hearing clerk proposed findings and conclusions, and written arguments or briefs, based upon the evidence received at the hearing, citing, where practicable, the page or pages of the transcript of the testimony where such evidence appears. Factual material other than that adduced at the hearing or subject to official notice shall not be alluded to therein, and, in any case, shall not be considered in the formulation of the order. If the person filing a brief desires the Secretary to consider any objection made by such person to a ruling of the judge, as provided in § 1200.9(d), that person shall include in the brief a concise statement concerning each such objection, referring, where practicable, to the pertinent pages of the transcript.