U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1205.332 - Duties.

The Board shall have the following duties:

(a) To select from among its members a chairman and such other officers as may be necessary for the conduct of its business, and to define their duties;

(b) To appoint or employ such persons as it may deem necessary and to determine the compensation and to define the duties of each;

(c) With the approval of the Secretary, to enter into contracts or agreements for the development and submission to it of research and promotion plans or projects authorized by § 1205.333, and for the carrying out of such plans or projects when approved by the Secretary, and for the payment of costs thereof with funds collected pursuant to § 1205.335, with an organization or association whose governing body consists of cotton producers selected by the cotton-producer organizations certified by the Secretary under § 1205.341, in such manner that the producers of each cotton-producing state will, to the extent practicable, have representation on the governing body of such organization in the proportion that the cotton marketed by the producers of such state bears to the total marketed by the producers of all cotton-producing states. Any such contract or agreement shall provide that such contracting organization or association shall develop and submit annually to the Cotton Board, for the purpose of review and making recommendations to the Secretary, a program of research, advertising, and sales promotion projects, together with a budget, or budgets, which shall show the estimated cost to be incurred for such projects, and that any such projects shall become effective upon approval by the Secretary. Any such contract or agreement shall also provide that the contracting organization shall keep accurate records of all its transactions, which shall be available to the Secretary and Board on demand, and make an annual report to the Cotton Board of activities carried out and an accounting for funds received and expended, and such other reports as the Secretary may require;

(d) To review and submit to the Secretary any research and promotion plans or projects which have been developed and submitted to it by the contracting organization or association, together with its recommendations with respect to the approval thereof by the Secretary;

(e) To submit to the Secretary for his approval budgets on a fiscal period basis of its anticipated expenses and disbursements in the administration of this subpart, including probable costs of advertising and promotion and research and development projects as estimated in the budget or budgets submitted to it by the contracting organization or association, with the Board's recommendations with respect thereto;

(f) To maintain such books and records and prepare and submit such reports from time to time to the Secretary as he may prescribe, and to make appropriate accounting with respect to the receipt and disbursement of all funds entrusted to it;

(g) To cause its books to be audited by a competent public accountant at least once each fiscal period and at such other times as the Secretary may request, and to submit a copy of each such audit to the Secretary;

(h) To give the Secretary the same notice of meetings of the Board as is given to members in order that his representative may attend such meetings;

(i) To act as intermediary between the Secretary and any producer, importer, or handler.

(j) To submit to the Secretary such information as he may request.

[31 FR 16758, Dec. 31, 1966. Redesignated and amended at 56 FR 64472, 64473, Dec. 10, 1991]