U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 28, 2023

§ 4279.220 - General conditions of guarantee.

A loan guarantee under this part will be evidenced by a Loan Note Guarantee issued by the Agency. Each Lender will execute a Lender's Agreement. If a valid Lender's Agreement already exists, it is not necessary to execute a new Lender's Agreement with each loan guarantee. The provisions of this part and 7 CFR part 4287, subpart D will apply to all outstanding guarantees. In the event of a conflict between the guaranteed loan documents and these regulations as they exist at the time the documents are executed, the regulations will control.

(a) Full faith and credit. (1) A guarantee under this subpart constitutes an obligation supported by the full faith and credit of the United States and is incontestable except for fraud or misrepresentation of which a Lender or Holder has actual knowledge at the time it becomes such Lender or Holder or which a Lender or Holder participates in or condones.

(2) The guarantee will be unenforceable to the extent that any loss is occasioned by:

(i) A provision for Interest on Interest, Default or penalty Interest, or late payment fees;

(ii) The violation of usury laws;

(iii) Use of loan proceeds for unauthorized purposes or to the extent that loan funds are used for purposes other than those specifically approved by the Agency in its Conditional Commitment;

(iv) Failure to obtain or maintain the required security regardless of the time at which the Agency acquires knowledge thereof; and

(v) Negligent Loan Origination or Negligent Loan Servicing unless otherwise determined under paragraph (d) of this section.

(3) The Agency will guarantee payment as follows:

(i) To any Holder, 100 percent of any loss sustained by the Holder on the guaranteed portion of the loan it owns and Interest through the Interest Termination Date due on such portion.

(ii) To the Lender, subject to the provisions of this part and subpart D of part 4287 of this chapter, the lesser of:

(A) Any loss sustained by the Lender on the guaranteed portion, including principal and Interest, through the Interest Termination Date, evidenced by the notes or assumption agreements and secured advances for protection and preservation of Collateral made with the Agency's authorization; or

(B) The guaranteed principal advanced to or assumed by the Borrower and any Interest due thereon through the Interest Termination Date.

(b) Credit quality of Borrower. The Agency will provide guarantees only after consideration is given to the Borrower's overall credit quality and to the terms and conditions of any applicable subsidies, tax credits, and other such incentives.

(c) Quality of loan. All loans guaranteed under this subpart must be financially sound and feasible, with reasonable assurance of repayment.

(d) Gross negligence. Upon written request of the Lender, the Agency will consider changing the negligence standard to Grossly Negligent Loan Origination and Grossly Negligent Loan Servicing on a case-by-case basis. The Lender must establish to the Agency's satisfaction that changing to the gross negligence standard does not materially impair the Agency's interests, solely at the Agency's discretion, subject to:

(1) The lender has demonstrated capacity and experience in making and servicing loans of similar amounts and for transactions of comparable complexity;

(2) The Agency's review of the Lender's underwriting, loan approval and loan servicing policies and procedures, and;

(3) The Agency's review of the Lender's loan servicing plan.