U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 25, 2024

§ 4279.226 - Replacement of document.

(a) The Agency may issue a replacement Loan Note Guarantee or Assignment Guarantee Agreement which was lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated, or defaced to the Lender or Holder upon receipt of an acceptable certificate of loss and an indemnity bond.

(b) When a Loan Note Guarantee or Assignment Guarantee Agreement is lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated, or defaced while in the custody of the Lender or Holder, the Lender must coordinate the activities of the party who seeks the replacement documents and must submit the required documents to the Agency for processing. The requirements for replacement are as follows:

(1) A certificate of loss, notarized and containing a jurat, which includes:

(i) Name and address of owner;

(ii) Name and address of the Lender of record;

(iii) Capacity of Person certifying;

(iv) Full identification of the Loan Note Guarantee or Assignment Guarantee Agreement including the name of the Borrower, the Agency's case number, date of the Loan Note Guarantee or Assignment Guarantee Agreement, face amount of the evidence of debt purchased, date of evidence of debt, present balance of the loan, percentage of guarantee, and, if an Assignment Guarantee Agreement, the original named Holder and the percentage of the guaranteed portion of the loan assigned to that Holder. Any existing parts of the document to be replaced must be attached to the certificate;

(v) A full statement of circumstances of the loss, theft, destruction, defacement, or mutilation of the Loan Note Guarantee or Assignment Guarantee Agreement; and

(vi) For the Holder, evidence demonstrating current ownership of the Loan Note Guarantee and Promissory Note or the Assignment Guarantee Agreement. If the present Holder is not the same as the original Holder, a copy of the endorsement of each successive Holder in the chain of transfer from the initial Holder to present Holder must be included. If copies of the endorsement cannot be obtained, best available records of transfer must be submitted to the Agency (e.g., order confirmation, canceled checks, etc.).

(2) An indemnity bond acceptable to the Agency must accompany the request for replacement except when the Holder is the United States, a Federal Reserve Bank, a Federal corporation, a State or territory, or the District of Columbia. The indemnity bond must be with surety except when the outstanding principal balance and accrued Interest due the present Holder is less than $1 million verified by the Lender in writing in a letter of certification of balance due. The surety must be a qualified surety company holding a certificate of authority from the Secretary of the Treasury and listed in Treasury Department Circular 570.

(3) All indemnity bonds must be issued and payable to the United States of America acting through the Agency. The bond must be in an amount not less than the unpaid principal and Interest. The bond must hold the Agency harmless against any claim or demand that might arise or against any damage, loss, costs, or expenses that might be sustained or incurred by reasons of the loss or replacement of the instruments.

(4) In those cases where the guaranteed loan was closed under the provision of the multi-note system, the Agency will not attempt to obtain, or participate in the obtaining of, replacement Promissory Notes from the Borrower. The Holder is responsible for bearing the costs of Promissory Note replacement if the Borrower agrees to issue a replacement instrument. Should such Promissory Note be replaced, the terms of the Promissory Note cannot be changed. If the evidence of debt has been lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated or defaced, such evidence of debt must be replaced before the Agency will replace any instruments.