U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 29, 2022

§ 4280.317 - Selection of applications for funding.

All eligible applications received will be scored using the scoring criteria specified in § 4280.316 and funded in descending order from the highest total score to applications receiving 60 points, subject to the authorization of appropriations for the Federal FY. If two or more applications have the same score and available funds cannot fund the individual projects, the Administrator may prioritize such applications to help the program achieve overall geographic diversity.

(a) Timing and submission of applications. (1) All applications must be submitted as a complete application in one package of materials. Packages must be in the order of appearance in § 4280.315. Applications that are disorganized or otherwise not ready for evaluation will be returned to the applicant and not considered for funding.

(2) Applications will be accepted on a continuing basis at any Rural Development State Office and will compete nationally for available funds on a quarterly basis using Federal fiscal quarters.

(3) Applications received will be reviewed, scored, and ranked quarterly. Unless withdrawn by the applicant, the Agency will retain unsuccessful applications that score 60 points or more for consideration in subsequent reviews, through a total of four quarterly reviews. Applications unsuccessful after competing for funds in four quarters will be returned to the applicant.

(b) Availability of funds. If an Application is received, scored, and ranked, but insufficient funds remain to fully fund the project, the Agency may elect to fund an Application requesting a smaller amount that has a lower score. Before this occurs, the Agency, as applicable, will provide the higher scoring applicant the opportunity to reduce the amount of its request to the amount of funds available. If the applicant agrees to lower its request, it must certify that the purposes of the project can be met, and the project is financially feasible at the lower amount.

(c) Applicant notification. The Agency will notify applicants regarding their selection or non-selection, provide appeal rights of unsuccessful applicants, and provide closing procedures for the loan and/or grant awardees.

(d) Closing. Awardees unable to complete closing for an approved obligation within 90 days or an extended date approved by the Agency will forfeit their funding award in accordance with § 4280.311(e)(9).