U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4290.230 - Private Capital for RBICs.

(a) General. Private Capital means the contributed capital of a RBIC, plus unfunded binding commitments by Institutional Investors (including commitments evidenced by a promissory note) to contribute capital to a RBIC.

(b) Contributed capital. For purposes of this section, contributed capital means the paid-in capital and paid-in surplus of a Corporate RBIC, the members' contributed capital of a LLC RBIC, or the partners' contributed capital of a Partnership RBIC, in each case subject to the limitations in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Exclusions from Private Capital. Private Capital does not include:

(1) Funds borrowed by an Applicant or a RBIC from any source.

(2) Funds obtained through the issuance of Leverage.

(3) Funds obtained directly or indirectly from the Federal government or any State (including by a political subdivision, agency or instrumentality of the Federal government or a State), except that the following categories of such funds are not excluded from Private Capital—

(i) Funds obtained directly or indirectly from the business revenues (excluding any governmental appropriation) of any federally-chartered or government-sponsored enterprise established prior to May 13, 2002;

(ii) Funds invested by an employee welfare benefit plan or pension plan; and

(iii) Qualified Non-private Funds in an amount not to exceed 33 percent of the total Private Capital of any Applicant or RBIC, provided, however, that in no event may any investor or investors of Qualified Non-private Funds have the power to Control, directly or indirectly, the management, board of directors, general partners, or members of the RBIC.

(4) Any portion of an unfunded commitment from an Institutional Investor with a net worth of less than $10 million that exceeds 10 percent of such Institutional Investor's net worth.

(5) An unfunded commitment from an investor if the Agency determines that the collectability of the commitment is questionable.

(d) Non-cash capital contributions. Capital contributions in a form other than cash are subject to the limitations in § 4290.240 of this part.

(e) Contributions with borrowed funds. You may not accept any capital contribution made with funds borrowed by a Person seeking to own an equity interest (whether direct or indirect, beneficial or of record) of at least 10 percent of your Private Capital. This exclusion does not apply if:

(1) Such Person's net worth is at least twice the amount borrowed; or

(2) The Agency gives its prior written approval of the capital contribution.

[69 FR 32204, June 8, 2004, as amended at 85 FR 16523, Mar. 24, 2020]