U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 23, 2023

§ 4290.620 - Requirements to obtain information from Portfolio Concerns.

All the information required by this section is subject to the requirements of § 4290.600 and must be in English.

(a) Information for initial Financing decision. Before extending any Financing, you must require the Enterprise to submit such financial statements, plans of operation (including intended use of financing proceeds), cash flow analyses, projections, and such economic development information about the Enterprise, as are necessary to support your investment decision. The information submitted must be consistent with the size and type of the Enterprise and the amount of the proposed Financing.

(b) Updated financial and economic development information. (1) The terms of each Financing must require the Portfolio Concern to provide, at least annually, sufficient financial and economic development information to enable you to perform the following required procedures:

(i) Evaluate the financial condition of the Portfolio Concern for the purpose of valuing your investment;

(ii) Determine the continued eligibility of the Portfolio Concern;

(iii) Verify the use of Financing proceeds;

(iv) Evaluate the economic development impact of the Financing; and

(v) In the case of any Portfolio Concern that is not a Rural Business Concern, the number and percentage of its employees residing in Rural Areas.

(2) The president, chief executive officer, treasurer, chief financial officer, general partner, or proprietor of the Portfolio Concern must certify the information submitted to you.

(3) For financial and valuation purposes, you may accept a complete copy of the Federal income tax return filed by the Portfolio Concern (or its proprietor) in lieu of financial statements, but only if appropriate for the size and type of the Enterprise involved.

(4) The requirements in this paragraph (b) do not apply when you acquire securities from an underwriter in a public offering (see § 4290.825). In that case, you must keep copies of all reports furnished by the Portfolio Concern to the holders of its securities.

(c) Information required for examination purposes. You must obtain any information requested by the Agency's examiners for the purpose of verifying the certifications made by a Portfolio Concern under § 4290.610. In this regard, your Financing documents must contain provisions requiring the Portfolio Concern to give you and/or the Agency's examiners access to its books and records for such purpose.