U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 25, 2023

§ 4290.660 - Other items required to be filed by RBIC with the Agency.

(a) Reports to owners. You must give the Agency a copy of any report you furnish to your investors, including any prospectus, letter, or other publication concerning your financial operations or those of any Portfolio Concern.

(b) Documents filed with SEC. You must give the Agency a copy of any report, application or document you file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

(c) Litigation reports. When you become a party to litigation or other proceedings, you must give the Agency a report within 30 days that describes the proceedings and identifies the other parties involved and your relationship to them.

(1) The proceedings covered by this paragraph (c) include any action by you, or by your security holder(s) in a personal or derivative capacity, against an officer, director, Investment Adviser/Manager or other Associate of yours for alleged breach of official duty.

(2) The Agency may require you to submit copies of the pleadings and other documents it may specify.

(3) Where proceedings have been terminated by settlement or final judgment, you must promptly advise the Agency of the terms.

(4) This paragraph (c) does not apply to collection actions or proceedings to enforce your ordinary creditors' rights.

(d) Notification of criminal charges. If any officer, director, general partner, or managing member of the RBIC, or any other person who was required by the Agency to complete a personal history statement, is charged with or convicted of any criminal offense other than a misdemeanor involving a minor motor vehicle violation, you must report the incident to the Agency within 5 calendar days. Such report must fully describe the facts that pertain to the incident.

(e) Reports concerning Operational Assistance grant funds. You must comply with all reporting requirements set forth in 2 CFR part 200, subpart D, as codified in 2 CFR 400.1 and any grant award document executed between you and the Agency.

(f) Other reports. You must file any other reports the Agency may require in writing.

[69 FR 32204, June 8, 2004, as amended at 79 FR 76019, Dec. 19, 2014]