U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1940.953 - Definitions.

For the purpose of this subpart:

Administrator. The Administrator of Rural Business—Cooperative Service, Rural Housing Service, or Rural Utilities Service.

Area plan. The long-range development plan developed for a local or regional area in a State.

Designated agency. An agency selected by the Governor of the State to provide the panel and the State Coordinator with support for the daily operation of the panel.

Designated rural development program. A program carried out under sections 304(b), 306(a), or subsections (a) through (f) and (h) of section 310B of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act (7 U.S.C. 1926(a)), as amended, or under section 1323 of the Food Security Act of 1985, for which funds are available at any time during the FY under such section, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Water and Waste Disposal Insured or Guaranteed Loans;

(2) Development Grants for Community Domestic Water and Waste Disposal Systems;

(3) Technical Assistance and Training Grants;

(4) Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants;

(5) Community Facilities Insured and Guaranteed Loans;

(6) Business and Industry Guaranteed Loans;

(7) Industrial Development Grants;

(8) Intermediary Relending Program;

(9) Drought and Disaster Relief Guaranteed Loans;

(10) Disaster Assistance for Rural Business Enterprises;

(11) Nonprofit National Rural Development and Finance Corporations.

Designated State. A State selected by the Under Secretary, in accordance with § 1940.954 of this subpart, to participate in this program.

Eligible State. With respect to a FY, a State that has been determined eligible in accordance with § 1940.954 (e) of this subpart.

Nondesignated State. A State that has not been selected to participate in this pilot program.

Qualified project. Any project: (1) For which the designated agency has identified alternative Federal, State, local or private sources of assistance and has identified related activities in the State; and

(2) To which the Administrator is required to provide assistance.

State. Any of the fifty States.

State coordinator. The officer or employee of the State appointed by the Governor to carry out the activities described in § 1940.957 of this subpart.

State Director. The head of Rural Development at the local level charged with administering designated rural development programs.

State rural economic development review panel or “panel”. An advisory panel that meets the requirements of § 1940.956 of this subpart.

Under Secretary. In the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Under Secretary for Small Community and Rural Development.