U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 25, 2024

§ 1940.961 - Allocation of appropriated funds.

(a) Initial allocations. (1) Each FY, from sums appropriated for direct loans, loan guarantees, or grants for any designated rural development program, funds will be allocated to designated States in accordance with RD Instruction subpart L of part 1940, exhibit A, attachment 4, of this chapter (available in any RD State or District Office).

(2) Each FY, and normally within 30 days after the date Rural Development receives an appropriation of designated rural development program funds, the Governor of each designated State will be notified of the amounts allocated to the State under each designated program for such FY. The Governor will also be notified of the total amounts appropriated for the FY for each designated rural development program.

(3) The State Director will fund projects from a designated State's allocation of funds, according to appropriate program regulations giving great weight to the order in which the preapplications/applications for projects are ranked and listed by the panel in accordance with § 1940.956(b)(3) of this subpart.

(b) Reserve. A percentage of the National Office reserve established in subpart L of part 1940 of this chapter will be used to establish a reserve for designated States that is separate and apart from that of nondesignated States. The percent reserved will be based upon the same criteria used in subpart L of part 1940 of this chapter to allocate program funds.

(c) Pooling. (1) On July 15 of each FY, and from time to time thereafter during the FY, as determined appropriate, unobligated funds will be pooled from among the designated States. Pooled funds will be made a part of the reserve established for designated States and will revert to National Office control.

(2) Funds pooled from designated States can be requested by designated States, pursuant to subsection (d) of this section. The designated States' pool; however, will not be available to nondesignated States until September 1 of each year.

(d) Request for funds. (1) Designated States may request designated States' reserve funds, and funds for other designated rural development programs controlled by the National Office, as shown in RD Instruction subpart L of part 1940, exhibit A, attachment 4, of this chapter, in accordance with applicable program regulations.

(2) Designated States may request funds from the nondesignated reserve account when:

(i) All allocated and reserve funds to designated states have been used, or

(ii) Sufficient funds do not remain in any designated State allocation and in the designated States' reserve account to fund a project.