U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1942.20 - Community Facility Guides.

(a) The following documents are attached and made part of this subpart and may be used by officials in administering this program.

(1) Guide 1 and 1a—Guide Letter for Use in Informing Private Lender of Agency's Commitment.

(2) Guide 2—Water Users Agreement.

(3) Guide 3—Service Declination Statement.

(4) Guide 4—Bylaws.

(5) Guide 5—Financial Feasibility Report.

(6) Guide 6—Preliminary Architectural Feasibility Report.

(7) Guide 7—Preliminary Engineering Report Water Facility.

(8) Guide 8—Preliminary Engineering Report Sewerage Systems.

(9) Guide 9—Preliminary Engineering Report Solid Waste Disposal Systems.

(10) Guide 10—Preliminary Engineering Report Storm Waste-Water Disposal.

(11) Guide 11—Daily Inspection Report.

(12) Guide 12—Memorandum of Understanding Between the Economic Development Administration—Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture Pertaining to EDA Public Works Projects Assisted by an Agency loan.

(13) Guide 13—Memorandum of Understanding Between the Economic Development Administration—Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture Regarding Supplementary Grant Assistance for the Construction of Public Works and Development Facilities.

(14) Guide 14—Legal Services Agreement.

(15) Guide 15—Community Facility Borrower's Application.

(16) Guide 16—Community Facility Loan Docket.

(17) Guide 17—Construction Contract Documents—Short Form.

(18) Guide 18—Agency Supplemental General Conditions.

(19) Guide 19—Construction Contract Documents.

(20) Guide 20—Agreement for Engineering Services (Agency/EPA Jointly Funded Projects).

(21) Guide 21—Review of Audit Reports.

(22) Guide 22—Delinquent Accounts Positive Action Plan.

(23) Guide 23—Agreement for Joint Use of Electric System Poles.

(24) Guide 24—Minimum Suggested Contents of Management Agreements.

(25) Guide 25—Joint Policy Statement Between Environmental Protection Agency and the Agency.

(26) Guide 26—Community Programs Project Selection Criteria.

(27) Exhibit A—Circular No. A-128.

(28) Exhibit B—Department of Agriculture Regional Inspector General (OIG).

(b) These guides and exhibits are for use by Agency officials, applicants and applicant's officials and/or agents on certain matters related to the planning, development, and operation of essential community facilities which involve the use of loans and/or grants from Agency. This includes activities related to applying for and obtaining such financial assistance. These guides and exhibits are not published in the Federal Register, however, they are available in any Agency office.

[50 FR 7296, Feb. 22, 1985, as amended at 53 FR 6787, Mar. 3, 1988]