U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1942.6 - Preparation for loan closing.

(a) Obtaining closing instructions. Completed dockets will be reviewed by the State Director. The information required by OGC will be transmitted to OGC with a request for closing instructions. Upon receipt of the closing instructions from OGC, the State Director will forward them along with any appropriate instructions to the District Director. Upon receipt of closing instructions, the District Director will discuss with the applicant and its architect or engineer, attorney, and other appropriate representatives, the requirements contained therein and any actions necessary to proceed with closing.

(b) Verification of users and other funds. (1) In connection with a loan for a utility type project to be secured by a pledge of user fees or revenues, the District Director will authenticate the number of users prior to loan closing or the commencement of construction, whichever occurs first. Such individual will review each signed user agreement and check evidence of cash contributions. If during the review any indication is received that all signed users may not connect to the system, there will be such additional investigation made as deemed necessary to determine the number of users who will connect to the system. The District Director will record the determination in a memorandum to the State Director.

(2) In all cases the availability and amounts of other funds to be used in the project will be verified by Rural Development.

(c) Initial compliance review. An initial compliance review should be completed under subpart E of part 1901 of this chapter.

(d) Ordering loan checks. Checks will not be ordered until:

(1) The applicant has complied with approval conditions and closing instructions, except for those actions which are to be completed on the date of loan closing or subsequent thereto; and

(2) The applicant is ready to start construction or funds are needed to pay interim financing obligations.

(e) Multiple advances of Rural Development funds. When Rural Development provides loan funds during the construction period using interim (temporary) instruments described in § 1942.19(g) of this subpart, the following action will be taken prior to the issuance of the permanent instruments:

(1) The Finance Office will be notified of the anticipated date for retirement of the interim instruments and issuance of permanent instruments of debt.

(2) The Finance Office will prepare a statement of account including accrued interest through the proposed date of retirement and also show the daily interest accrual. The statement of account and the interim financing instruments will be forwarded to the District Director.

(3) The District Director will collect interest through the actual date of the retirement and obtain the permanent instrument(s) of debt in exchange for the interim financing instruments. The permanent instruments and the cash collection will be forwarded to the Finance Office immediately, except that for promissory notes and single instrument bonds fully registered as to principal and interest, the original will be retained in the District Office and a copy will be forwarded to the Finance Office. In developing the permanent instruments, the sequence of preference set out in § 1942.19(e) of this subpart will be followed.

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