U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 18, 2024

§ 1942.9 - Planning, bidding, contracting, and constructing.

(a) Review of construction plans and specifications. All plans and specifications will be submitted as soon as available to the State Office for review and comments.

(b) Contract approval. The State Director or designee is responsible for approving all construction contracts using legal advice and guidance of OGC as necessary. The National Office must concur with the use of a contracting method under § 1942.18(l) of this subpart exceeding $250,000. When an applicant requests such concurrence, the State Director will submit the following to the National Office:

(1) State Director's and Rural Development engineer/architect's comments and recommendations, and if noncompetitive negotiation per § 1942.18(k)(4) is accepted by the Agency, submit an evaluation of previous work of the proposed construction firm.

(2) Regional attorney's opinion and comments regarding the legal adequacy of the proposed procurement method and proposed contract documents.

(3) Copy of owner's written request and description of the procurement method proposed.

(4) Copy of the proposed contract.

(c) Bid irregularities. Any irregularities in the bids received or other matters pertaining to the contract award having legal implications will be cleared with OGC before the State Director consents to the contract award.

(d) Noncompliance. State Directors, upon receipt of information indicating borrowers or their officers, employees, or agents are not performing in compliance with § 1942.18(j)(1) of this subpart, may request the Regional Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to investigate the matter and provide a report. The State Director is responsible for resolving the issue.

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