U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 23, 2024

§ 1942.107 - Priorities.

(a) Eligible applications must be selected for processing in accordance with § 1942.17(c) of subpart A of this part 1942.

(b) The District Director must score each eligible application in accordance with § 1942.17(c)(2)(iii) of subpart A of this part 1942. The District Director must then notify the State Director of the score, proposed loan amount, and other pertinent data. The State Director should determine as soon as possible if the project has sufficient priority for further processing and notify the District Director. Normally, this consultation should be handled by telephone and documented in the running record.

(c) Applicants who appear eligible but do not have the priority necessary for further consideration at this time should be notified that funds are not available, requested to advise whether they wish to have their application maintained for future consideration and given the following notice:

You are advised against incurring obligations which would limit the range of alternatives to be considered, or which cannot be fulfilled without Agency funds until the funds are actually made available. Therefore, you should refrain from such actions as initiating engineering and legal work, taking actions which would have an adverse effect on the environment, taking options on land rights, developing detailed plans and specifications, or inviting construction bids until notified by RD to proceed.