U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 20, 2024

§ 1951.702 - Definitions.

As used in this subpart, the following definitions apply:

Active borrower. A borrower who has an outstanding account in the records of the Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (ODCFO), including collection-only or an unsatisfied account balance where a voluntary conveyance was accepted without release from liability of foreclosure did not satisfy the indebtedness.

Assistance. Finance assistance in the form of a loan, grant, or subsidy received.

Debt instrument. Used as a collective term to include promissory note, assumption agreement, grant agreement, or bond.

False information. Information, known to be incorrect, provided with the intent to obtain benefits which would not have been obtainable based on correct information.

Inaccurate information. Incorrect information provided inadvertently without intent to obtain benefits fraudulently.

Inactive borrower. A former borrower whose loan(s) has been paid in full or assumed by another party(ies) and who does not have an outstanding account in the records of the ODCFO.

Recipient. “Recipient” refers to an individual or entity that received a loan, or portion of a loan, an interest subsidy, a grant, or a portion of a grant which was unauthorized.

Rural Development. A mission area within the U.S. Department of Agriculture consisting of the Office of the Under Secretary for Rural Development, Office of Community Development, Rural Business-Cooperative Service, Rural Housing Service, and Rural Utilities Service and their successors.

Unauthorized assistance. Any loan, interest subsidy, grant, or portion thereof received by a recipient for which there was no regulatory authorization or for which the recipient was not eligible. Interest subsidy includes subsidy benefits received because a loan was closed at a lower interest rate than that to which the recipient was entitled, whether the incorrect interest rate was selected erroneously by the approval official or the documents were prepared in error.