U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 24, 2023

§ 1951.891 - Liquidation; default.

(a) In the event that Rural Development takes over the servicing of the ultimate recipient of an intermediary, those loans will be serviced by this regulation and in accordance with the contractual arrangement between the intermediary and the ultimate recipient. Should Rural Development determine that it is necessary or desirable to take action to protect or further the interests of Rural Development in connection with any default or breach of conditions under any loan made hereunder, the Rural Development may:

(1) Declare that the loan is immediately due and payable.

(2) Assign or sell at public or private sale, or otherwise dispose of for cash or credit at its discretion and upon such terms and conditions as Rural Development shall determine to be reasonable, any evidence of debt, contract, claim, personal or real property or security assigned to or held by the Rural Development in connection with financial assistance extended hereunder.

(3) Adjust interest rates, use fixed or variable rates, grant moratoriums on repayment of principal and interest, collect or compromise any obligations held by Rural Development and take such actions in respect to such loans as are necessary or appropriate, consistent with the purpose of the program and this subpart. The Administrator will notify the Rural Development Finance Office of any change in payment terms, such as reamortizations or interest rate adjustments, and effective dates of any changes resulting from servicing actions.

(b) Failure by an ultimate recipient to comply with the provisions of these regulations and/or loan agreement shall constitute grounds for a declaration of default and the demand for immediate and full repayment of its loan.

(c) Failure by an intermediary to comply with the provisions of these regulations or to relend funds in accordance with an approved work plan or loan agreement shall constitute grounds for a declaration of default and the demand for immediate and full repayment of the loan.

(d) In the event of default, the intermediary will promptly be informed in writing of the consequences of failing to comply with loan covenant(s).

(e) Protective advances to the intermediary will not be made in lieu of additional loans, in particular working capital loans. Protective advances are advances made by Rural Development for the purpose of preserving and protecting the collateral where the intermediary has failed to and will not or cannot meet its obligations. The Administrator or designee must approve in writing all protective advances.

(f) In the event of bankruptcy by the intermediary and/or ultimate recipient, Rural Development is responsible for protecting the interests of the Government. All bankruptcy cases should be reported immediately to the Regional Attorney. The Administrator must approve in advance and in writing the estimated liquidation expenses on loans in liquidation bankruptcy. These expenses must be considered by Rural Development to be reasonable and customary.

(g) Liquidation, management, and disposal of inventory property will be handled in accordance with subparts A, B, and C of part 1955 of this chapter.