U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1806.4 - Examining and general servicing of insurance.

(a) Examination by county office of policies, endorsements, binders, and other evidence of insurance. Upon receipt in the County Office of a policy, endorsement, binder, or other evidence of insurance, submitted by a borrower, it will be examined promptly for compliance with the requirements of this Instruction. If the evidence of insurance is found to be acceptable, it will be placed in the borrower's case folder.

(1) Unacceptable policies. (i) When the borrower furnishes any policy or other evidence of insurance which does not meet the requirements of this Instruction such policy or other evidence of insurance will be returned to the borrower with the reasons why it is not acceptable.

(ii) If the borrower does not furnish acceptable insurance by the date the previous policy expired or was canceled, the County Supervisor will proceed as provided in § 1806.6.

(2) Expiration records and notices. (i) In cases other than those involving FP or section 502 RH borrowers, the County Supervisor will notify the borrower of the expiration of his insurance at least 30 days in advance of such expiration unless he has received written evidence that the insurance has been renewed.

(ii) FP and Section 502 RH borrowers will be informed during the tenth month after the date of loan closing of their responsibility to carry insurance. Form RD 426-4 will be sent to these borrowers, regardless of whether there is evidence that the insurance has been renewed. Thereafter, the County Supervisor will not be required to further determine whether the borrower has adequately maintained insurance; however, if a further notice of expiration is received in the County Office, the County Supervisor will again notify the borrower by using RD 426-4 of his responsibility.

(3) Release of mortgage interest. When the borrower's loan has been paid in full and the satisfaction or release of the mortgage has been executed, the County Supervisor or his delegate will execute the following Release of Mortgage Interest on the mortgage clause attached to the policy or other evidence of insurance and transmit it with the policy or other evidence of insurance, the paid-in-full note, and the satisfaction to the borrower:

It is understood and agreed that the interest of the United States of America in the property insured hereunder ceased as of (Date of Final Payment), and that the Government shall have no interest in any loss or damage to such property occurring thereafter.

(4) Lost or misplaced policies. When an unexpired insurance policy or other evidence of insurance is lost or misplaced, it will be necessary to obtain a replacement policy or other evidence of insurance. The County Supervisor is authorized to sign a Lost Policy Receipt on behalf of the Agency. For FP and section 502 RH loans, this paragraph applies only during the period the policy is retained in the County Office.

(5) Disposition of expired and canceled policies. An expired or canceled policy or other evidence of insurance will be returned to the borrower, unless there is a loss settlement pending.

(b) Special servicing of insurance—(1) Vacancy or unoccupancy—tenant occupancy—increased hazard. If the County Supervisor has knowledge that insured property is vacant or unoccupied or that the ownership or occupancy has changed from owner to tenant, or that the hazards otherwise are increased, he will examine the policy to determine whether the policy permits such conditions. Unless the insurance permits such conditions, the County Supervisor will immediately notify the company or agent in writing. In any case where there is an additional premium due because of vacancy, unoccupancy, tenant occupancy, or other increased hazard, upon demand to the Agency from the company or agent because the borrower cannot, or will not, pay the additional premium, it may be paid in accordance with RD Instruction 2024-A, to the company or agent. For FP and section 502 RH borrowers, property insurance will not be obtained except in cases where an unusual and severe hazard exists and insurance is necessary to protect the interests of the Government.

(2) Transfer of property. (i) When a borrower or transferee requests the consent of the Agency to a transfer of the security property which already has been made, or when the County Supervisor learns that any such transfer has been made, he will immediately inform the transferee that the mortgage requires the owner to provide and maintain adequate insurance acceptable to, and with loss payable to, the Agency as mortgagee. The transferee may obtain a new insurance policy or the transferor may have the insurance company or agent issue an endorsement to the current insurance policy changing the name of the assured to that of the transferee. If a new insurance policy is obtained, the old policy or other evidence of insurance will be returned to the transferor unless there is an unsettled loss. If there is an unsettled loss, the policy or other evidence of insurance will not be returned until the claim has been settled. The County Supervisor, with the concurrence of the State Director and the OGC, will notify the borrower and transferee that acceptance of the new policy or endorsement will not constitute consent by the Government to the transfer even though the Government is protected by a loss payable clause in such an insurance policy.

(ii) In a transfer with assumption, insurance will be required in the same amount and according to the same provisions as for an initial loan of the same type.

(3) Voluntary conveyance of property to the Government and foreclosure. Insurance will not be carried on buildings which the Government has acquired. After a foreclosure sale has been held, or after a deed of conveyance to the Government in lieu of foreclosure has been filed for record, insurance will not be maintained by the Government (whether or not subject to redemption).

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