U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 18, 2022

§ 1530.107 - Bond or letter of credit requirements.

(a) The licensee may charge program sugar in anticipation of the transfer or export of refined sugar, the export of sugar in sugar containing products, or the production of certain polyhydric alcohols, if the licensee establishes a performance bond or a letter of credit with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which meets the criteria set forth in this section.

(b) The bond or letter of credit may cover entries made either during the period of time specified in the bond (a term bond) or for a specified entry (a single entry bond).

(c) Only the licensee who will refine the sugar, manufacture the sugar containing product, or produce certain polyhydric alcohols may be the principal on the bond or letter of credit covering such sugar to be re-exported or used in the production of certain polyhydric alcohols. The surety or sureties shall be among those listed by the Secretary of the Treasury as acceptable on Federal bonds.

(d) The obligation under the bond or letter of credit shall be made effective no later than the date of entry of the sugar for refiners or the date of transfer of the corresponding sugar for manufacture into a sugar containing product or certain polyhydric alcohols.

(e) The amount of the bond or letter of credit shall be equal to 20 cents per pound of sugar to be entered under the license.

(f) If a licensee fails to qualify for credit to a license within the specified time period of the date of export or use of corresponding sugar in an amount sufficient to offset the charge to the license for that corresponding sugar, payment shall be made to the U.S. Treasury. The payment shall be equal to the difference between the Number 11 contract price and the Number 14 contract price (New York Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange) in effect on the last market day before the date of entry of the sugar or the last market day before the end of the period during which export or use was required, whichever difference is greater. The difference shall be multiplied by the quantity of refined sugar, converted to raw value, that should have been exported in compliance with this part. If there was not a Number 11, or a Number 14 contract price for the relevant market day, the Licensing Authority may estimate such price as he or she deems appropriate.