U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 24, 2023

§ 1590.15 - Subrecipients.

(a) A recipient may utilize the services of a subrecipient to implement activities under the agreement if this is provided for in the agreement. The subrecipient may receive procured commodities, FAS-provided funds, program income, or other resources from the recipient for this purpose. The recipient must enter into a written subagreement with the subrecipient and comply with the applicable provisions of 2 CFR 200.331. The recipient must provide a copy of each subagreement to FAS, in the manner set forth in the agreement, prior to the transfer of any procured commodities, FAS-provided funds, or program income to the subrecipient.

(b) The recipient must include the following requirements in the subagreement:

(1) The subrecipient is required to comply with the applicable provisions of this part and 2 CFR parts 200 and 400. The applicable provisions are those that relate specifically to subrecipients, as well as those relating to non-Federal entities that impose requirements that would be reasonable to pass through to subrecipients because they directly concern the implementation of one or more activities under the agreement. If there is a question about whether a particular provision is applicable, FAS will make the determination.

(2) The subrecipient is prohibited from using FAS-provided funds to acquire goods and services, either directly or indirectly through another party, in a manner that violates country-specific economic sanction programs, as specified in the agreement.

(3) The subrecipient must pay to the recipient the value of any procured commodities, FAS-provided funds, or program income that are not used in accordance with the subagreement, or that are lost, damaged, or misused as a result of the subrecipient's failure to exercise reasonable care.

(4) In accordance with § 1590.19 and 2 CFR 200.501(h), a description of the applicable compliance requirements and the subrecipient's compliance responsibility. Methods to ensure compliance may include pre-award audits, monitoring during the agreement, and post-award audits.

(c) The recipient must monitor the actions of a subrecipient as necessary to ensure that procured commodities, FAS-provided funds, and program income provided to the subrecipient are used for authorized purposes in compliance with applicable U.S. Federal laws and regulations and the subagreement and that performance indicator targets are achieved for both activities and results under the agreement.