U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 27, 2023

§ 1.78 - Development of special working relationships.

(a) Preliminary. Prior to the submittal of a script or the rendering of an agreement, assistance may be given by the Department or one of its agencies in outlining story plans, visits to field points, and other incidentals that will assist the producer in determining his course of action.

(b) Request for special working arrangements. Once the decision is made to go ahead with an agreement, either the interested agency or the producer will make a written submission to the Director of Information, requesting that special working arrangements be established.

(1) In submitting scripts prior or subsequent to executing a written agreement under a special working relationship four (4) copies of the completed script shall be submitted to the Director of Information or his designee, along with a statement of specific requirements and the anticipated production schedule.

(2) No script will be used under a special working relationship without the specific approval of the Director of Information.

(3) Upon approval of the script, the agency of the Department concerned with subject matter will endeavor to arrange for the desired assistance with the stipulations of this policy.