U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 18, 2022

§ 1.172 - Motions and requests.

(a) General. All motions and requests shall be filed with the Hearing Clerk, and shall be served upon the parties, except those made on record during the oral hearing. The Judge shall rule upon all motions and requests filed or made prior to the filing of the certification of the transcript or recording. Thereafter, the Judicial Officer will rule on any motions or requests.

(b) Motions entertained. Any motion will be entertained except a motion to dismiss on the pleadings. All motions and requests concerning the complaint must be made within the time allowed for filing an answer.

(c) Contents. All written motions and requests shall state the particular order, ruling, or action desired and the grounds therefor.

(d) Response to motions in request. Within ten days after service of any written motion or request, or within such shorter or longer period as may be fixed by the Judge or the Judicial Officer the opposing party may file a response to the motion or request.

(e) Certification to the judicial officer. The submission or certification of any motion, request, objection, or other question to the Judicial Officer prior to the time when the Judge's certification of the transcript is filed with the Hearing Clerk, shall be made by and in the discretion of the Judge. The Judge may either rule upon or certify the motion, request, objection, or other question to the Judicial Officer, but not both.

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